How Face Recognition Helps Public Safety

Do you dream to live in the city where you can walk late at night in the local park fearlessly?

Do you want to stop being afraid of the child coming home from school?

Just admit it: you’ve been dreaming to take your grandson to watch football game, and everything that confuses you are the fan fights in the stadiums and nearby. You don’t want your boy watch this.

What about garbage in the streets? Aren’t you tired of it? Someone throws it!

Someone breaks the newly-planted trees, someone makes the buildings dirty inside with obscene writings. Do you want to stop it?

Everybody wants. We won’t exaggerate demanding that everybody wants to live in the clean and calm city or small town without hooligans drinking alcohol while hanging about the street, without garbage on the roadside and broken public property.

Of cause, there are uniformed guys patrolling the streets. But they cannot check all the possible areas in the town, moreover only few of them are in charge and it’s hard to hire more and more policemen to put them on every corner after each 100 meters.

The government can use cameras, certainly, but what next: the police will check the camera ones, twice will send the policemen to detain some hooligans or law breakers… But right the next day the situation will repeat again, the police will come and detain again, but nothing will change seriously, and your personal dream of the finally calm and nice hometown will never come true.

However, there is a solution. Continue reading “How Face Recognition Helps Public Safety”